Purpose of Messengers and Their chain

True Peace in ISLAM : ইসলামে প্রকৃত শান্তি

Source: http://fanar.gov.qa/understand/prophets.html
Stories of Prophets:

Is it fair to create an object, and then allow it to function without any rules and regulations and fnally call it to account and punish it for breaking the rules?

Having created man with the power of thought and free will, Allah in His infnite wisdom decided to send Prophets and Messengers as a guide for mankind. Each Prophet was sent to his particular people to remind them of the need to worship one God, and refrain from associating partners with him. They were not gods, sons or partners of God, but were simply the best of mankind, chosen because of their humility in their behavior, morals, peacefulness and knowledge of Allah.

Allah sent a long chain of Prophets from the first days of mankind, from Prophet Adam (the Father of human beings) – and sealed them with Prophet Mohammad, the fnal Prophet (Peace…

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