7 Traps of Shaytaan ( Satan) – 21st Century Deception

  1. Misbehaving and not showing manners in front of parents and in society – its ‘‪#‎Boldness
  2. Act and promote ‘fahisha’ (Naked,Nude behaviour) – its ‘‪#‎Confidence
  3. No Hijab needed- attracting opposite gender with Shamlessness – Its ‘‪#‎Beauty and ‪#‎Fashion ‘
  4. Illicit actions and Zina (adultery, fornication, Lust ) – Its ‘‪#‎Love ‘
  5. Music, dance (like animals) , consuming alcohol and drugs, movies- Its ‘‪#‎Entertainment
  6. Wasting precious time of Life (youth) on useless activities and worst sins possible to commit. – Its ‘‪#‎Exception and ‪#‎Needed‘.
  7. To talk against and make mockery of religion, scholars , Prophets, Islam – It is ‪#‎Independenceand ‘‪#‎Freedom of ‪#‎Speech‘.

Undoubtedly, we are ‪#‎lost in the ‪#‎lost_world!
May Allah keep us away from such traps and guide us to Siraat-e- Mustaqeem!


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